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Members of Red Bank Chapter live in the vicinity of Pitman, Gloucester County, New Jersey
Red Bank Chapter, Pitman, New Jersey
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of Red Bank Chapter Members

PatriotState of Service
William Allen North Carolina
Thomas Austin Connecticut
Joseph Avise New Jersey
Elihu Benham Connecticut
Sameul Bertold Pennsylvania
Samuel (Bartley) Bertolet Pennsylvania
William Bird/Byrd North Carolina
George Blake Massachusetts
John Bodine New Jersey
Michael Hall Bonwill  
Samuel BowlsbyNew Jersey
Jacob Brown New Jersey
William Bryan North Carolina
Zephaniah BryanVirginia
Thomas BurroughNew Jersey
Solomon Butt Virginia
James Cain North Carolina
Daniel CarterNew Jersey
Jonas Cattell New Jersey
Daniel Champion New Jersey
Elihu ChilcottVirginia
Benjamin Clark New Jersey
Robert Cloud Delaware
Francis Davis South Carolina
George DenisonVermont
Robert DenisonConnecticut
John Dent Jr. Maryland
James DeVaneNorth Carolina
John DeVane, Sr. North Carolina
Thomas DuBois New Jersey
Geroge Edwards Virginia
David Eldridge New Jersey
Jacob FislerNew Jersey
John Fleetwood Delaware
Elisha Fuller Connecticut
John Garrett South Carolina
John Frederick Gaumer Pennsylvania
Daniel Gillespie North Carolina
Thomas Glascock Virginia
William Griffith Virginia
Edward Hancock New Jersey
Nicholas Harris New Jersey
Jesse Heath New Hampshire
Jeremiah Hess Pennsylvania
Elijah Horton Pennsylvania
Ebenezer Howell New Jersey
Bernhard HubleyPennsylvania
Ebenezer Hurd New Hampshire
Thomas HydeMaryland
Jacob Idol New Jersey
Abraham Jones New Jersey
John KinneyNew Jersey
George Michael KraftPennsylvania
David Lanning New Jersey
Michael LindenmuthPennsylvania
Joseph Low New Jersey
Jacob MadaraNew Jersey
Robert Maddox New Jersey
Jacob Manley Maryland
William Markwell Maryland
John Marshall New Jersey
William Martindale South Carolina
John Maull Delaware
John Mears Pennsylvania
Ephraim MillsNew York
Archibald MoffettNew Jersey
Randal Morgan New Jersey
John MorrisonNorth Carolina
Daniel Nantz/Nance North Carolina
Silas Newcomb New Jersey
Cornelius Newkirk New Jersey
Peter O’Neal Pennsylvania
Adonijah Peacock New Jersey
Nathaniel Pinkham Maine
John Rambo New Jersey
Ralph Reagan North Carolina
Willam Redfield Connecticut
David Reed New Jersey
Huston Reuben New Jersey
Jacob Rickenbach Pennsylvania
Nicholas Rihl Pennsylvania
Thomas Sayre New Jersey
Joseph SharpNew Jersey
Charlton Shephard New Jersey
Thomas Shores Sr. Virginia
Christopher Gotthard SicklerNew Jersey
Griffith Smith Pennsylvania
Jacob Spears Virginia
Joseph Sterling Connecticut
Luke Swetland Connecticut
Richard Tatum North Carolina
John ThornNew Jersey
James TomlinsonNew Jersey
Jonas Vaneman New Jersey
Abraham Van Horn Jr. New Jersey
William J. Van Vredenburg New York
James VanSant Pennsylvania
James Whitall New Jersey
Benjamin Whitecar New Jersey
Hubbard Williams Virginia
Jonathan WilliamsNew Jersey
Joseph Young Massachusetts

DAR Patriot Look Up Service - on the National DAR Society web site. The DAR Patriot Index contains names of Revolutionary patriots, both men and women, whose service (between 1775 and 1783) has been established by the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution. Additional information available may include: dates and places of birth and death, name(s) of wife (wives) or husband(s), rank, type of service, and the state where the patriot lived or served. If pension papers are known to exist, that fact will be included.

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Pitman, Gloucester County, New Jersey

  • Some Revolutionary War battles were fought overseas. Instead of waiting in American waters for British warships to appear, John Paul Jones of the Continental Navy sailed across the Atlantic to attack British ships in their own territory.
  • There were more Americans fighting with the British than with Washington. There were at least 21 regiments of Loyalists in the British army, estimated to total 6,500-8,000 men. General Washington had a field army of only 3,468.
  • African American patriots played an important part in the American Revolution, including Crispus Attucks, who was the first casualty of the war at the "Boston Massacre," and Prince Whipple who crossed the Delaware with George Washington
  • Paul Revere wasn't the only one to take a Midnight Ride. In 1777, a 16-year-old girl named Sybil Ludington covered 40 miles in the pitch dark, from New York to Connecticut, to warn local militias that the British were coming.